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Carthage NY

Northern Tree Geo Pages: Carthage, NY

Located in the town of Wilna in Jefferson County, Carthage, NY is named after the historic Carthage City in Tunisia. This village sits on the town of Wilna's southern border on Watertown's east. Make a day's trip out of it or stay longer at one of the most picturesque villages you can find in the area. Take your family kayaking or visit farms and ranches that allow you to pet real animals such as a whitetail deer and doe.

One of only twelve villages in New York and chartered in 1869, Carthage is still incorporated under a charter.

Visit the main Village of Carthage where you can enjoy the recreation building which has been newly renovated. Summer recreation in baseball fields, multiple walking trails, and the Riders Edge Skateboarders Park will keep you active throughout your visit. There is a large wooden playground at Kid's World. There is also Long Falls Park or Guyot's Island overlooking the Black River's scenic sights.

Turning Point Park

Named because it was New York State Canal System's Black River Canal northern terminus, this place is where boatmen need to turn around due to the downstream rapids.

The home of many events in the locality, fireworks, and farmers' markets are a common site in Turning Point Park. Access a large section of the Black River's quiet water where you can go fishing or boating. On the National Register, Carthage boasts a group of historic structures found in a lovely area. You will find bridge signs or signs at the end of State Street that roughly point eastward towards the park.

The Long Falls

Named The Long Falls due to its length, this waterfall spans wide portions of the Black River between West Carthage and Carthage, NY villages. In the region, there are several islands and several falls as well.

A power dam was built many years ago between the two islands. Because of this, from a waterfall perspective, the area is not as impressive as it used to be. At some of the channels' other parts, of the channel retaining dams were built. There is, however, still evidence ow waterfalls below the channel.

Around the islands, there are other drops, as well. You can view the falls from both sides of the river. Turn into Riverside Drive in Carthage to get to the parkland area. This street is short and is at the end of the 126 Route spanning both villages.

At the street's end is a smaller park area. You can view the falls from a distance by crossing the river and moving into West Carthage. On North Main Street, turn right and in four blocks you will merge left into Champion Street. Follow the signs that say boat launch.

Sweet Pea Farms

This farm produces and sells dryer balls, wool products, pork meat, and lamb meat. Animals such as sheep are shown at the Jefferson County Fair. Come visit Sweet Pea Farms to get a first-hand look at what real farmers do and how animals are raised. Perfect for a weekend day trip getaway.

Lowlands Whitetails

Established in 2004, Lowlands Whitetails specialize in growing large-framed Whitetail Bucks that sportsmen only dream about. Within Lowlands, Whitetails is a dairy farm. This deer-hunting ranch was developed to assist hunters unable to hike into the actual woods. Ranch tours show you exactly what this venue is all about. Spend priceless moments petting a doe with your family and admiring all the whitetails around the picturesque ranch.

Baker Woods Preserve

Traverse and make it a day of hiking and kayaking at Baker Woods Preserve. Through a string of pine trees, you will find well-maintained trail systems. You can view everything from the observation deck near the parking area. Make it a hiking day of adventure to remember for the entire family. Winter skiing and hiking activities are available. Thoughtfully-tended trails are extremely well-kept.

You can hike on the 2.7-mile trail in a setting, not unlike the upper Adirondacks. Beaver ponds, lots of big trees, and bird-watching are immensely satisfying. Custom hand-made signage and wooden trail markers make the experience feel quaint. Across sections with mud, beautiful boardwalks have been constructed. Near the Indian River is an observation deck a privy and a great kiosk. Beautiful woods and marsh settings will not disappoint!

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