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Jefferson County

Jefferson County NY

As you travel through Jefferson County NY, you will come across some landmarks such as Jefferson County History Museum, Jefferson County Fair, and Jefferson's Historic Seaway Trail. With all these places in tow, it is not surprising that you will surely discover something new for you to experience. Most of the interesting tourist attractions and sites in the county are now being recognized by different people from around the world.

The roads take you past this beautiful and historic town provide a wonderful drive. If you want to stay in the area and not drive, there are also vehicle services available for a good price during your visit. An organized tour of the area will take you to several sites and the opportunity to know and understand the history of the area.

The Jefferson County Fair

Many, if not all of the people who live in the area know about the annual Jefferson County Fair that is held here each year. If you are a history buff, the fair is a great place to learn about the lives of those who lived around the area and the history of this part of America. The fair is also an excellent place to visit with family and friends.

The county fair is also a good place to see fine items that are displayed at the antique market. The prices are generally cheaper at the fair than they are at the antique dealers. There are vendors to meet you everywhere in the parking lot and the concession stands are well maintained. You can find food, and drinks as well as seasonal foods from local farms, as well as coffee, tea, and sodas.

If you wish to see the local fair, make sure to sign up in advance for a Jefferson County Fair ticket deals to take your dollar further. These tickets will get you through to what you want to see and allow you to have a great time for you and your family. As it's said, the early bird gets the worm.

Just because the fair happens once a year, does not mean you have to miss out on any of the other great things in the area. There are several other attractions which are worth a visit, independent of what time of year you're coming to town. There is enough to keep you busy for the whole family during the spring, summer, fall, and even winter.

Hiking at the Seaway Trail

A popular activity at the county is to hike the Seaway Trail. This trail is quite a bit longer than most and has many beautiful spots to take pictures at. It's especially good for beginners who aren't used to hiking in more advanced places.

In the fall, you can watch the leaves fall as you enjoy a nice stroll down the trail path. It's a wonderful place to visit and for a quiet time when you want to relax and unwind. Although it's not as exciting as other vacation ideas, it's a perfect part of your overall visit.

Antique Boat Museum

It would be hard to think of Jefferson County NY without seeing the Antique Boat Museum. They specialize in old and interesting boats. When visiting the museum, make sure to see what events are available for you and your family to enjoy.

The exhibit houses many interesting items such as weapons, equipment, and other collections that were kept by the captains of the boats. There are many fascinating things to learn from the exhibits.

While not a traditional museum, this boat showcase helps bring about the overall charm of this local town. At the same time, it's an interesting piece of history that you'll be sure to enjoy, especially since it's not something that people come across every day.

Visiting the Old Boldt Castle

One of the most interesting locales here is Boldt Castle. The former home of the German immigrant, George Charles Boldt, it's a destination for everyone from the modern aristocrat to the casual attendee. You'll find this place charming, and these types of buildings are a defining characteristic of the original colonies in the United States.

This Castle is known throughout New York and beyond for being one of the best places to go when one wants to get away from it all. It's a unique and wonderful place to just have a little time alone or a one on one conversation. Even if you're an avid explorer, you can take some time to learn something about the history of this magnificent castle.

There are also several exciting and enjoyable activities to enjoy while visiting Bold Castle. You can see a variety of different types of vintage and unique items on display. Although they are all inoperable, you will still be able to view them from a distance to get an idea about how people used to live back then. You can also take a guided tour of the area.

Closing Comments

These are just a few attractions for your perfect visit to Jefferson County NY. Even though this place isn't the traditional tourist and vacation spot that most people think of, the traditions of the area will leave you wanting for more. There are also various other attractions available for you to visit, but discussing them would take too much time away from you to plan your vacation. Come visit and experience for yourself this original and charming town.

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