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Tree cabling services.

The final service to consider here is one that is a little more specialist. Few tree-owners will need to deal with tree cabling for their trees. But, it is helpful to know that this service exists, just in case you do need it in the future.

Tree cabling is a great service for trees that are of significant value and need extreme measures to prolong their life. This could be a specimen tree that is important for the biodiversity of the area, and especially old trees with local significance or one with other great value to the area. Cabling the tree can help provide some structural support. This is done with trees where the trunk has split and is at risk of tearing apart, which would eventually kill the tree. Cables around the trunk can bind it together to give it a better chance of survival. We also have to remember that any open wounds in the tree can lead to infections and play host to harmful fungi. The sooner you can close that wound and eliminate this risk, the better the prognosis for the tree.

Cabling also helps trees with branches that are growing at an unfortunate angle or to stabilize trees that loose limbs in storms. Pruning specimen trees, or any other major work, is a bad idea because it can damage the appearance and health of some ancient organisms. There may even be protective orders in place that prevent you from altering the tree in any way other than this sort of protective measure. Cabling may also help to stop large branches coming into contact with houses or other property. This could also occur over a sidewalk where any falling branches could pose a risk to life and a lawsuit from those affected. The process is often as much about the protection of homes and people as it is about the appearance and health of the tree.

Tree cabling tends to involve drilling holes into the trunk or branch, attaching a cable, and then securing that to another structure to keep it tight. This all happens above the ground so shouldn't affect the area around the tree too much. However, there is still the risk that is can look a bit unsightly. This is the downside of having these life-preserving measures in place for these important trees. The alternative is to guy the tree with a similar approach on the ground. Here cables are anchored into the ground for extra stability. This makes more sense in open ground.

It is essential that you call on a professional team for tree cabling services. These experts will help you create the best possible support system for your tree where there is no risk of further damage or complications in the future. An unprofessional service can lead to girdling and put the tree at greater risk. So, if you no previous experience in the matter, leave it to someone that does. After all, this is a prized tree that we are talking about here and they need the best possible care and attention at all times.

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