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Treating our trees with love and respect for a beneficial relationship.

Tree services have a lot to do with the impact of the tree on the property and the surrounding area. You may have a complaint from a neighbor about a tree and its impact on their property. You may receive an order from a local authority about the danger of your tree's branches, urging you to call in a tree trimming service. But, we also have to consider the health and well-being of the tree. Trees thrive with a little TLC. The right pruning and trimming can create better shapes, encourage new growth and fruit, and make the tree stronger. In return, we get to enjoy a symbiotic relationship. We get a lot in return from the trees through privacy, shade, a place to play, and maybe even through the fruit produced.

Don't forget that a tree can add value to your property.

It is important to take care and look after your trees as best you can for all those that will enjoy it. A healthy tree with a strong trunk and luscious foliage can bring lots of joy to you and your family. Children, and maybe any grandchildren that follow, can enjoy climbing the tree or might be lucky enough to have a treehouse up there. Everyone can enjoy the benefits of watching the leaves grow and turn through the seasons.

There are also great benefits of having trees on our mental health and well-being. Trees release chemicals that help to combat stress and help us relax. It is why we often feel so much better when we take time out of our busy days to go and sit under a tree or walk in the forest. Then, there are the benefits that come from all the fruit from the trees and the wildlife that might make a home there. When you take the time to take care of your trees, you can enhance this value, enrich your life and the lives of your family, and make the property more appealing if the time ever comes to sell and move on. Families looking for a nice garden will love having an established tree already on the property.

However, growing trees can cause problems for others.

One thing to consider when taking care of trees on your property is the impact that it will have on neighbors and the wider community. For example, if a tree sits on the boundary between your property and that of a neighbor, is there any risk of it encroaching? Does the thick foliage in summer block out any of the light to their home? Does it drop pine cones or other fruits and seeds into their garden - which could be a probably if they have small children or dogs?

Then there are the trees on the boundaries with roads and sidewalks. Are any of the overhanging branches at risk of causing an accident or obstruction here. If the tree were to sustain damage in a storm, would the branches fall into the road and potentially onto passers-by? There may come a point where local residents in your area complain about the potential impact and risk of your tree and ask you to do something about it.

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