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Stump Grinding

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Stump removal services.

Sometimes a tree removal service is essential because your tree is dead or dying. The kindest thing to do is to chop it down to protect your home and property. Some tree removal methods will result in a stump left behind in the ground. They will chop the tree but will leave the roots in place. You have two options here. Either you can leave the stump as it is, or you can remove it.

Leaving the stump is an option for two reasons. You might decide that the remaining roots and stumps are a nice memorial to your deceased tree. You can use the smoothed off stump as a seat and count the rings to get an idea of the age of the tree. Of course, this all depends on how mature and significant the tree was. Another option is to leave the stump as a habitat for wildlife. The rotting wood will break down over time and provide a nice home for all kinds of beetles and grubs, which in turn feed other wildlife in the garden. This could be an interesting feature and something educational for younger children.

However, many families will understandably feel that the stump should come out. The idea of rotting wood isn't that appealing to all homeowners looking for a valuable garden. Also, the stump could become a hazard for children depending on its location. They may trip over the roots while playing. Removing the stump removes the obstacle and flattens out the ground. You can then regain some lawn area as a place to play, lounge around, or redesign that area of the garden.

Tree stump removal often means tree stump grinding. Experts will come to grind down the deadwood from the tree stump via heavy-duty equipment. You and your neighbors might not appreciate the noise for a little while, but it is an effective solution. The machine turns the wood into dust and leaves a hole where the tree once stood. The best professionals will then remove all the dust and fill in the hole so you have a nice clean, flat area again. It wouldn't be safe to leave you with a hole in the ground.

As with so many of these services, it really is essential that you call on a professional tree stump removal service if you need this done. Don't think that you can go out and rent a tree stump grinder and do it yourself. You will regret it. The best tree care providers can add tree stump removal to the list of services during your consultation. Therefore, you will deal with the same expert from the start of the process right to the end.

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